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Life Coaching with La'Boris Cole

Life Coaching with La’Boris will afford you the opportunity to develop and enhance interpersonal skills, translate dreams into reality, create an effective guide to ensure personal goals are met, and will assist with identifying resources and tools to address roadblocks that are prohibiting you from experiencing WHOLENESS in every area of your life.  


Why choose eWomen Life Coaching?


At EWoman Life Coaching, we are educated and trained to assist you in reaching your goals and experiencing positive change in your life. La’Boris Cole, founder of EWoman Life Coaching, holds a Doctoral degree in Counseling, national certified counselor, certified as a facilitator for Prepare Enrichment Program, and has serve as a Life Coach for over 150 women.  She has been an inspiration and life coach to others nationally and internationally.  Please note, this is not COUNSELING, but a Life Coaching Program. 


Enroll in the customized one-on-one 12-week personal empowerment coaching program offered with EWoman that includes:

     · Weekly Interactive Session (Individual/Group)

     · Daily Empowerment with wisdom for applied behavior and motivation

     · Confidential and customized to fit your needs

     · Support and Accountability

     · Building Self-Confidence and Self Esteem

     - Receive resources and tools to fit your needs


When does eWoman Life Coaching Begin?

Ewoman Life Coaching begins September 1 for 3 month session and once you have registered for one-on-one session.

One-on-one sessions are conducted at anytime. (It does not have to be between the months of September and November.)


Secure Your Spot!

Registration for 2021

 eWoman Sessions (3months)

September to November


Need one-on-one?

One-On-One 1-Time Only

Secure your spot!


“With EWoman Life Coaching, I have found a renewed self-confidence that

has made a positive change in my life. I have gained a new sense of life again.”

“EWoman Life Coaching with La’Boris was the best investment I have ever

given to myself. She held me accountable, supported me, and encouraged 

me throughout the process. It was worth every dime.”

“I truly enjoyed the life coaching classes. It was convenient for me since my

work schedule is hectic. However, I learned so much about myself, 

my family, and most of all my purpose.”

“My faith increased while enrolled in Life Coaching sessions with La’Boris. 

She was beyond amazing and demonstrated much wisdom, support, and

assisting me in reframing my goals so that I could accomplist them. I have experienced a positive change in my marriage and career. I cant wait to the next session.”

“This program with Dr. La'Boris allowed me to grow as a woman.  I did not know I was stuck in some of my ways which caused me to suffer in certain areas in my life.  After completing this program, I have reached goals that I never could have reached if I did not apply the skills and lessons in the program.”

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