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Dr. La'Boris Cole has a heart for serving others.  She has been blessed with the gift of administration, training, teaching, and empowering.  Professionally, she is serves as a licensed psychotherapist and consultant for the community and many businesses.  Ministerially, she serves in different leadership capacities including preaching, teaching, and through dance.  She has served nationally and internationally by providing stellar leadership trainings, ministry and organizational consultations, and through preaching and teaching the word of God.  Below are services Dr. La'Boris Cole provides that can assist your ministry or organization in moving from great to GREATER:


Leadership Training and Coaching

  • intensive training and teaching regarding the Principles to Effective Leadership and Organizational Leadership

  • intensive training and teaching on creating a healthy culture and conflict management

  • intensive training on the importance of a balance life and implementing self-care 

  • intensive of training on growing your ministry or organziation physically and spiritually 

  • organization or ministry mental health assessments/analysis/action of plan


Ministry Consulting for Music and Worship Arts Ministries specifically dance and mime ministry

  • intensive training and teaching for worship teams, choir, dance or mime ministry: team building

  • intensive training and teaching for dance or ministry: technical/professional dance teaching (choreography and garments)

  • intensive training on position, protocol, and preparation for the dance or mime ministry

  • intensive training on integrating the pastors or leaders vision into the ministry

  • intensive training on the different genres of dance, atmospheres designated for each dance, and how to incorporate flags and pageantry within choreography effectively



Dr. La'Boris speaks on a variety of topics for single and marital conferences, dance conferences, mental health symposiums or conferences, and church events.  



Dr. La'Boris is a licensed minister and she travels locally and internationally proclaiming the Word of God.


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